What do I do?


I created the RealityTVGIFs blog in 2011. My content currently reaches an audience of 235,000+ Tumblr followers and receives and average of 1.5 million notes per month. RealityTVGIFs has been featured on TIME, Mashable, and Watch What Happens Live.



Freelance designer for letsbuild.la
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, and 4.5 years of digital design experience at MTV Networks. I have a passion for branding and entertainment.

Social Content

I am an award-winning GIF Maker that creates quality, engaging social content for brands and television networks. I focus mostly on visual social platforms such as Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine.


Listen to Britney

...a lot.

Just a fun fact.


I've created social content for...

One time, Andy Cohen let me bartend on WWHL.

It was awesome.

Buzzfeed.com 15 Reasons Why You Should Hire T. Kyle

FYI: That's not really on Buzzfeed. If you were fooled, than I guess I did a good job coding!

I just think it's a more entertaining way to show you some of the ridiculous things I've created on the internet.

Hopefully you get a laugh!