LogoTV | "Twerk Your Turkey" Video

Press Release: Logo TV viewers have known for years that avoiding the stress of the family Thanksgiving dinner is just the thing needed to actually enjoy the holiday.  While millions of people head off across the country to spend Thanksgiving with their families, some partake in “Friendsgiving” with their besties instead. To help get you in the Friendsgiving mood, today, Logo TV’s debuting the world premiere of the so-wrong-it’s-right “Twerk your Turkey” video.

Art Direction / Video Edit: T. Kyle MacMahon  |  Vocals / Audio: Shawn Hollenbach

Vine - vine.co/tkylemac

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Carly Rae Jepsen | #RunAwayWithMeme

Some of the best “Run Away With Me” memes, (or “RunAwayWithMeme,” as they’re sometimes hashtagged), have been rounded up by BuzzFeed, MTV News, and New York, so SPIN decided it was time to catch up with the singer behind it all. We briefly quizzed Jepsen about the meme over email, and she gave us her three favorites. "The Rihanna one; I think it’s funny because her face is absolutely priceless." - SPIN Magazine